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Full Name
Vũ, Thị Thùy Dung
17 years lecturering in Sociology of Gender; Socialization research methods, Socialism theory

15 years of researching on Gender Equality, Ethnic Minorities, Poverty, Labor, Employment, Livelihoods, Migration and Immigrants

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Present Position
Dean of Faculty Sociology and Social Work
Employment History
2006-2008: Department of Sociology, Đa Lat University
2009-2014: Head of Sociology, Sociology and Social Work Faculty
2/2014 - 11/2019: Vice dean of Sociology and Social Work Faculty
12/2019 - current: Dean of Sociology and Social Work Faculty
Research Expertise/Interests
Gender Equality
Ethnic Minorities
Labor, Employment, Livelihoods
Migration and Immigrants
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Experience in Applied R&D, contract research, consultancies, patents
* Leader project:
- 2018-2020: Project leader, Building poverty reduction model for ethnic minority women in the Central Highlands based on a sustainable livelihood framework, Ministry of Education and Training;
- 2016: Leader of branch project: Research, evaluate the current situation and propose solutions to improve the effectiveness of social policy implementation in new rural construction in Lam Dong, Vietnam state-level project.
- 2015: Project leader: Changing careers and jobs of immigrants to Da Lat city today, Da Lat University project;
- 2011: Project leader: "The impact of migration on career change, employment of people in Da Lat in the past ten years", Đà Lạt University project.

* Main member:
- 2019: Project: “Livelihood of the free-migrant H'Mong community in Ro Men commune, Dam Rong district, Lam Dong province”, Da Lat University project.
- 2019: Project: "Preserve and promote of the Da Lat people style "gentle, elegant, hospitable", Da Lat City project.
- 2018: Project: “Migrant female workers and early night market activities in Da Lat”, Da Lat University project.
- 2017: Project: “Adaptation to climate change in livelihood activities of people in Da Lat city, Lam Dong province”, Da Lat University project.
- 2016: Project: “Differences in conflict resolution between husband and wife of Kinh and Co Ho ethnic groups”, Da Lat University project.
- 2015: Project: “Household life in Da Lat city, Lam Dong province today through a quantitative survey”, Da Lat University project.
- 2012: Project: “Changes in the spiritual and cultural life of the Co Ho people in Lam Dong under the impact of urbanization, Da Lat University project.

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Curriculum development, quality assurance, evaluation (if any)
2021- Develop and write a project to open a Population and Development, Undergraduate program, Da Lat University
2022 - Implementing and accrediting the Social Work CDIO program
Significant positions held within Department/School/Division
- Department of Sociology, Da Lat University (2006-2008)
- Chairperson of the Sociology Department , Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, Da Lat University (2009-1/2014)
- Vice Dean, Faculty of Social Work, Da Lat University (2/2014-11/2019)
- Dean, Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, Da Lat University (12/2019- current)
Service to public sector departments and statutory authorities, agencies, boards, committees and inquiries
- Chairman of Faculty Council, Faculty of Social Sciences and Social Work, Da Lat University
- Member of Science and Training Council, Da Lat University
- Chairman and members review many scientific topics at all levels
Service to non-government organisations
Cooperating with many NGOs and INGOs in implementing projects at all levels
Service to, or leadership in, academic discipline or professional associations
Lead teams to implement community development projects
Chairperson/Key-note speaker of conferences, seminars, and workshops
Chairperson and Key -note speaker of more conferences in Việt Nam
Public lectures
Training on investigative methods for Lam Dong Provincial Party Committee's Propaganda Department
Training in writing research proposal for postgraduate students