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Full Name
Nguyễn, Thanh Thủy Tiên
Academic Title
Current Affiliation
Tien Nguyen T.T. is a senior lecturer at the Falcuty of Biology, Dalat University, Vietnam. She has published researches in Dalat University Journal of Science, Lam Dong Science and Technology Journal, Florida Entomologist . Her research interests include Entomology, Applied Entomology in Plant Protection, Natural enemies insects.
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Present Position
Employment History
Assistant supervisor of Dalat Hasfarm Ltd. Company
Research Expertise/Interests
Entomology, Applied Entomology , Natural enemies Insects in Plant protection,
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Experience in Applied R&D, contract research, consultancies, patents
Head of five University-level projects on Entomology, Applied Entomology and natural enemies insects used in plant protection
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Curriculum development, quality assurance, evaluation (if any)
Lecture subjects of Invertebrate Zoology, Entomology and Applied, Plant Protection for undergraduate students