Full Name
Hứa, Thị Tin
Current Affiliation
Ms Tin Hua has been working at Dalat University for over 20 years, teaching English to both majored and non-majored students. She completed her postgraduate course with the Master Degree in Education (TESOL) at the University of Sydney in 2004. Her main research studies focus on how to stimulate learners’ autonomy and interest in learning Business English through the use of scenarios and project-based learning.
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Present Position
Senior Lecturer, Vice Dean
Employment History
2000 - present: Lecturer at the Faculty of Foreign Languages, Dalat University
Research Expertise/Interests
Business English
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Experience in Applied R&D, contract research, consultancies, patents
Applying Marketing Plan-Developing and TV Commercial-Making into the Teaching and Learning of Business English; Integrating simulation tasks and portfolio assessment into writing business correspondence
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Curriculum development, quality assurance, evaluation (if any)
Curriculum development, Quality assurance, Informative Assessment, Teaching Business English and Speaking Skill
Significant positions held within Department/School/Division
Vice Dean
Service to public sector departments and statutory authorities, agencies, boards, committees and inquiries
Committee member of The English Club at Dalat University: Organizing contests, events, festivals, tutoring programs and many other activities that help provide students opportunities to use English
Service to, or leadership in, academic discipline or professional associations
in-service training courses, in-service teacher training