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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Status
2016Analytically principal part of polynomials at infinityPhạm, Tiến Sơn ; Bùi, Nguyễn Thảo Nguyên 
2019Bifurcation sets and global monodromies of Newton non-degenerate polynomials on algebraic setsNguyễn, Tất Thắng; Phạm, Tiến Sơn ; Phạm, Phú Phát
2019Bifurcation sets of real polynomial functions of two variables and Newton polygonsNguyễn, Tất Thắng; Masaharu, Ishikawa; Phạm, Tiến Sơn 
2018Compactness criteria for real algebraic sets and Newton polyhedraPhạm, Phú Phát; Phạm, Tiến Sơn 
2021Complementary problems with polynomial dataNguyễn, Cảnh Hùng; Phạm, Tiến Sơn 
2014Computation of the Łojasiewicz exponent of nondegenerate analytic functionsBùi, Nguyễn Thảo Nguyên ; Phạm, Tiến Sơn 
2014Convergence of the Lasserre hierarchy of semidefinite programming relaxations for convex polynomial programs without compactnessVaithilingam, Jeyakumar; Guoyin, Li; Phạm, Tiến Sơn 
2016Convergent semidefinite programming relaxations for global bilevel polynomial optimization problemsVaithilingam, Jeyakumar; Jean Bernad, Lasserre; Guoyin, Li; Phạm, Tiến Sơn 
2020-06Corrigendum to “The Łojasiewicz exponent of a continuous subanalytic function at an isolated zero”Phạm, Tiến Sơn 
2008Critical values of singularities at infinity of complex polynomialsHà, Huy Vui; Phạm, Tiến Sơn 
2023-05Definable continuous mappings and Whyburn’s conjectureĐinh, Sĩ Tiệp; Phạm, Tiến Sơn 
2007The degree of C0-sufficiency of analytic function germs with respect to an idealPhạm, Tiến Sơn 
2022Error bounds of regularized gap functions for polynomial variational inequalitiesBùi, Văn Định; Phạm, Tiến Sơn 
2007An estimation of the number of bifurcation values for real polynomialsHà, Huy Vui; Phạm, Tiến Sơn 
2021Existence of efficient and properly efficient solutions to problems of constrained vector optimizationKim, Do Sang; Mordukhovich, Boris S.; Phạm, Tiến Sơn ; Nguyen, Van Tuyen
2012An explicit bound for the Łojasiewicz exponent of real polynomialsPhạm, Tiến Sơn 
2014A Frank-Wolfe type theorem for nondegenerate polynomial programsĐinh, Sĩ Tiệp; Hà, Huy Vui; Phạm, Tiến Sơn 
2017Generic properties for semialgebraic programsGue, Myung Lee; Phạm, Tiến Sơn 
2018Genericity and Holder stability in semi-algebraic variational inequalitiesJae, Hyoung Lee; Gue, Myung Lee; Phạm, Tiến Sơn 
2017Genericity in polynomial optimizationHà, Huy Vui; Phạm, Tiến Sơn